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Every day millions of children and families suffer from poverty, chronic hunger, diseases and access to health and education. Many lack the simple necessities. We believe that change must be mandated and progress can be achieved for people with limited resources.

There’s no better feeling like turning disabilities into abilities. With love and determination, we are there to push our friends up the hill. We give strength to inspire each foundation benefactor a little higher.

Together, as socially responsible communities and individuals, we can uplift the spirit of possibilities and extend a caring hand. Along the way, we have a lot of fun while changing the world, one person at a time. Join our causes!


Our goal is to encourage underserved populations to dream big and achieve more than they ever thought possible. A lack of funding and essential education should never be a barrier to pursuing talents, aspirations, goals, and passions. The Microenterprise Development program promotes financial independence by providing microloans, skills development, and training to help aspiring entrepreneurs start, sustain, and expand their small business. These resources allow them to not only support themselves, but to improve the living standards and generational wealth of their families.

Refugees are eligible for this program if they provide proper documentation to support their condition in the country, and to confirm they have not received other governmental assistance or funding from other organizations.  All applicants must first register with our mentorship program.

Syria & Turkey Fundraiser

Disaster Relief Fund

Please join ALO Cultural Foundation by donating to our fundraiser or start a GoFundMe on our behalf to assist in the relief effort. More than 100,000 lives are in displaced or in poor conditions. We need your help!

Beirut Fundrasier

Disaster Relief Fund

To Aid the victims of the Beirut Seaport Explosion.
The ALO Cultural Foundation is raising $250,000 to provide disaster relief after the explosion in Beirut. The latest catastrophe hit Beirut today as a building containing tons of confiscated fireworks exploded in the capital of Lebanon. Most of us woke to see the power video and we watched in horror as the massive explosion ripped through the city blocks near the seaport on August 4th.