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Our Vision

At the core of the ALO Cultural Foundation is our vision of “Achieving Life’s Opportunities”, inspired by our commitment to promoting equity, equality, opportunity, and economic growth for underserved communities around the world. We boldly envision a world where global children living in poverty are given a fighting chance for success with quality education and adequate healthcare. We will fearlessly use our platform to enhance the lives of the world’s aspiring students, entrepreneurs, and bright developing minds with financial opportunities, educational programs, and scholarships that make the impossible possible.

There are struggling families around the world that need our help not just to thrive, but to survive, as they continue to lack access to basic life necessities, such as clean water, medical treatment, education, and nutritious food. Through a combination of financial and educational empowerment, we strive to allow these families to believe that their biggest dreams and goals can be achieved. Our resources are dedicated to those who once believed it was futile and meaningless to even imagine a better life.

Our vision is encapsulated by our programs and initiatives that are designed to promote zero hunger, education for all, and quality of healthcare for impoverished and marginalized global communities. By investing in the wellbeing of underserved individuals, we will empower sustainable development and influence social change that will impact future generations. We seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty, inspire revolutionary socioeconomic transformation, and help to give at-risk children the essential skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Humanity Has No Nationality – We Are All One, We Are Strong, And We Are Resilient. Through Our Collective Actions And Powerful Program Initiatives, We Are Changing Lives One Child . . . One Family . . . One Nation At A Time.

With Your Help, We Are Changing Lives and Building Stronger Communities to Develop Sustainable Opportunities For Future Generations

All Current Campaigns

What if your direct actions could ensure that a malnourished child receives a nutritional meal today, or that a young adult receives the simple medical treatment that could mean the difference between life and death? If you could change the narrative for an impoverished woman by stimulating her bright young mind with marketable knowledge and skills, helping her to break the chains of oppression and menial labor with little pay? Every day, children are suffering due to poverty, lack of proper medical intervention, and extremely limited supportive care, with no strong mentors or adult role models to show them a better way forward. Families are struggling to make a decent living, often faced with the decision of whether to buy food for their families or pay for their housing, with little or nothing left for basic necessities. With your help, we can influence positive life changes by developing a strong foundation for underserved global populations with sustainable educational programs, culturally competent healthcare, and nutritional assistance to alleviate childhood hunger. The goal of the ALO Cultural Foundation is to ensure children receive appropriate support to enable healthy growth, both mentally and physically, as well as to strengthen and enhance each woman’s role in society for the betterment of her community.  

Our Mission 

The mission of the ALO Cultural Foundation is to improve the welfare and quality of life of underserved women and children globally through education, access to quality care, and empowerment for socioeconomic change. 

Foundation Programs

Forever Wish

Fulfilling dreams of young adults in underserved communities

Zero Hunger Initiative-Empowering Hope

Disaster Relief Funds

METHAL (Role Model) Program

Educate, Empower and Enrich the quality of life of exceptional and underserved youth globally.

Humanitarian & Cultural Missions

Fostering understanding and celebrating humanity


Changing the future of aspiring entrepreneurs with the building blocks of quality higher education

The Wave Initiative

Women achieving value and empowerment

Sisterhood Worldwide

Transforming the lives and spirit of young women

ALO Care Program

Improving the quality of care and supporting low-income families in times of crisis

ALO-Diversity Symposiums

The Foundation continues its march toward cultural unity and meaningful connection by hosting a series of discussions designed to bring diverse cultures and communities closer than ever with shared understanding, compassion, and empathy.

ALO-ART Exhibition

When art is conveyed through the eyes of a child, they are able to capture innocence, creativity, and emotional expressions that are not often present in adult works of art.

Provided Benefits

The generosity and support of our strategic partners, contributors, and stakeholders is directly responsible for the success of our organizational initiatives and global assistance efforts. We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude for their time, donations, and continued encouragement, which allows us to break through barriers together.


The ALO Cultural Foundation is a volunteer-based organization, and without the dedicated efforts of our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our ambitious goals and initiatives. 100% of funds raised are contributed directly to on-the-ground programs, such as interactive educational programs, hands-on learning opportunities, and distribution of food and household essentials in underserved populations.


With over 15,000 recipients of our program assistance, we are committed to changing one life, one child, one family at a time. Our goal is to create a future in which the cycle of poverty, income instability, and lack of quality education is broken for good. When one child is able to see there is a successful future possible, that one child can change many other lives by sharing their knowledge, hopes, and dreams with others.


Our angel donors are the beating heart of the Foundation. Their financial support not only allows ACF to expand our global reach, create and implement powerful initiatives, and change the lives of children around the world, but their encouraging endorsement helps our association thrive on an interpersonal level. They are true visionaries with a commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion, and we couldn’t have the same meaningful impact without their support. 


We strive to continuously expand our outreach to include the most at-risk global communities that experience the greatest disparities and cultural barriers to success. We have currently made positive and sustainable progress in diverse communities in North America, Europe, Africa, MENA, and Asia. As needs grow in rural underserved areas, we will research and identify targeted regions, and provide support services to maintain an impactful global presence. 


Bright, innovative minds should never be hindered due to lack of financial means and quality educational support. Whether it is a scholarship, a child’s computer, a tablet for school learning, hospital fees, medical intervention, or entrepreneurial programs and business growth tools, the ALO Cultural Foundation grants these necessities to individuals in need, thereby supporting the welfare of families and paving their way to a bright and successful future. 

Humanitarian Missions

“Humanity Has No Nationality.” This simple, profound quote from our founder inspires each mission, with a dedicated focus on transforming disabilities into abilities, and improving the quality of life for women, children, and the physically challenged.

Founding Date

In 2008, a spark of a vision for an equitable future for the world’s struggling populations ignited into something bigger than we ever imagined – and affecting social change is just the beginning. Since its inception, the ALO Cultural Foundation has been fully committed to empowering society with the education, tools, and meaningful life opportunities that come together to inspire a better future. 

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact


  • Campaigns 98% 98%
  • Research & Development 2% 2%
  • Management 0% 0%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%


  • Campaigns 95% 95%
  • Research & Development 5% 5%
  • Management 0% 0%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%


  • Campaigns 100% 100%
  • Research & Development 0% 0%
  • Management 0% 0%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%


  • Campaigns 100% 100%
  • Research & Development 0% 0%
  • Management 0% 0%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%

* – 100% of monies raised go directly to support programs and grassroots initiatives that reach the ground where it is needed the most. No donation money is ever used for administrative or developmental costs.

A Letter from the Board

The ALO Cultural Foundation’s board of directors is a collective of diverse, community leaders with vast experience and expertise in many professions and various industries. Their contribution to the mission of the Foundation continues to grow as we advance our programs and capabilities. The most important actions are taken on the ground, earning the confidence of the community we serve. We make connections on an emotional level so we can understand the core challenges of our beneficiaries. This is the critical element that enables us to make an impact that changes the quality of lives and secures a future for their children.

We count on the support of our board, the community, donors, and sponsors to help achieve our goals to impact social change. Friends like you, can make a difference to alleviate hunger, improve care for millions of children worldwide, and help vulnerable families achieve modest quality living.

In this world of equality, inclusion, and diversity we are clear on the mission and vision to bring better understanding of cultural diplomacy, awareness, and humanity.

Join us as we embark on new phases of program implementation, transformation, and initiatives. Your donation will provide a life changing experience to vulnerable children that need your help.

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Our Partners & Sponsors

Thanks to all our partners and supporters who have made our missions possible:

  • Starkey Foundation
  • CHF international
  • Unique Image
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Cedars-Sinai
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Huntington Hospital
  • Westside Food Bank
  • SAWA
  • Mending Kids
  • Retina Institute
  • UCLA
  • Children’s Hospital