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The ALO Cultural Foundation is always in need of dedicated volunteers and ambassadors to scale our programs and expand our outreach. If you would like to become involved in grassroots efforts, program development, or administrative support, please apply to become a volunteer today. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and our areas of impact, please contact us directly to discover the wide range of opportunities available to support our empowerment programs.

Below is a list of year-round volunteers needed:

  • Grant Writer
  •  Social/Digital Media
  •  Director of Development Assistant
  •  Career Development Coach
  • Program Volunteer
  • Ambassadors

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    Support the future generation of Leaders.

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    Our Programs

    Forever Wish

    Fulfilling dreams of young adults in underserved communities

    Zero Hunger Initiative-Empowering Hope

    Disaster Relief Funds

    METHAL (Role Model) Program

    Educate, Empower and Enrich the quality of life of exceptional and underserved youth globally.

    Humanitarian & Cultural Missions

    Fostering understanding and celebrating humanity


    Changing the future of aspiring entrepreneurs with the building blocks of quality higher education

    The Wave Initiative

    Women achieving value and empowerment

    Sisterhood Worldwide

    Transforming the lives and spirit of young women

    ALO Care Program

    Improving the quality of care and supporting low-income families in times of crisis

    ALO-Diversity Symposiums

    The Foundation continues its march toward cultural unity and meaningful connection by hosting a series of discussions designed to bring diverse cultures and communities closer than ever with shared understanding, compassion, and empathy.

    ALO-ART Exhibition

    When art is conveyed through the eyes of a child, they are able to capture innocence, creativity, and emotional expressions that are not often present in adult works of art.