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Solution Needed: HJiglight the Heros Around US
We want to lift up the talents of aspiring artists who were impacted by the global pandemic with grants of up to $10,000. We would love to hear your personal story, share in your struggles, and experience your artwork. Nominate your work today for the chance to be considered for this prestigious award of hope and determination. Round 3 is open now until Friday, March 25, 2022.

Forever Wish Program

United States Initiative

Solution Needed: Arts & Cultural Empowerment
The Foundation’s Forever Wish Program helps underserved youth and the physically challenged realize their dreams. We provide career mentoring and training to boost entrepreneurial spirits and empower the less fortunate to reach their goals and attain financial independence. Each year awards for support are given to those who exemplify the courage and perseverance to make impactful decision in their life that advances their ability beyond any disability.


Middle East

Solution Needed: Hearing Improvement
Pledge the gift of sound to disadvantaged communities with hearing aid donations and follow-up care. We have identified more than 5,000 children and seniors in need of hearing today. With your donation of $100 you can change the lives of these families and embody the phrase “…to hear and be heard.” We identify communities worldwide and we work with partners to deliver solutions and after-care prevention programs partnering with local physicians implementing technological solution to sustain health care benefits to qualified members through the ALO Care Benefit card..



Solution Needed: BH4 Deficiency Controls
Children should never suffer, yet many can barely breathe without urgent medication. Recently we identified a severe worldwide problem with children who face permanent illness and possible death due to DHPR deficiencies. For them, this is truly life or death because they simply cannot breathe. Each child requires three pills daily just to avoid neurological regression and seizures. The cost is prohibitive and your support ensures hope, health and a better future.

Celebration Life

Sri Lanka

Solution Needed: Cochlear Implantt
She lives in a silent world unable to speak. Yet, there’s hope. Lakshani, a little five year-old Sri Lankan girl, was born with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. Her family works tirelessly for about $3.50 USD a day, unable to raise the money required to fund the implants. You can help! There are countless hearing impaired children being denied surgery due to lack of insurance benefits, poverty, limited governmental support. Many of these children can hear and speak if helped in time. We can change the future of these children by sponsoring the purchase of implants one child at a time. It is a gift that celebrates life in its true sense.

Sisterhood Worldwide Program

Alexandria, Egypt

Solution Needed: Mentoring
The ALO Cultural Foundation seeks a radical shift in both how women are treated globally, and in how they treat themselves. Without their innate sense of value, women have nothing. When they possess their inner value, they have everything. The girls of Alexandria orphanages are especially in need of mentoring because they often suffer from feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, and guilt that may cause emotional withdrawal, failure in school, and delinquency. We alleviate these negative attributes and achieve empowerment by applying our proven mentoring programs.

School the Children

Worldwide, Near East

Solution Needed: Education
Underserved and physically challenged children are facing major challenges. Many cannot attend normal schools. Most are left behind facing their own challenges leading to illiteracy, rejection and stunted mental growth. Through Adopt-a-School programs, we can ensure proper education of socially disadvantaged children and their placement in proper educational institutions, building hope and possibilities.