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Changing the future of aspiring entrepreneurs with the building blocks of quality higher education.

The ALO Cultural Foundation has established scholarship programs that are available to underserved high-achieving students with financial need, who seek to continue their education by graduating from high school or college. Lack of financial support must never be viewed as a barrier to achieving success, and by providing need-based scholarships, we want to give these young adults a chance to turn their greatest hopes and dreams into reality, without worry of accumulating debt or an inability to pay school tuition.

Scholarships are limited to up to $1500 per year.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must achieve and prove formal admission status with an accredited College or University.
  •  Must be a student in good standing with an approved scholarship partner of the ALO Cultural Foundation.
  • Dependent scholarship students are eligible to receive funding until the end of the academic session in which they reach their 26th birthday.
  • The scholarship amount is based on the award level stated in the agreement at the time of enrollment. Partnership terms and scholarship rates are subject to change.
  • Students must continue to make satisfactory academic progress and maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average.
  • Students must remain in good academic and financial standing in accordance with the expectations outlined in the currently attended institution’s existing catalog.
  • The scholarship application must be submitted no later than one semester/quarter after the student becomes eligible for the scholarship in a qualified academic program.
  • Scholarships will be applied in full to the current active semester/quarter based on date of receipt of the scholarship application and cannot be applied retroactively.
  • If a student is eligible for more than one scholarship, the scholarship of highest value will be awarded.
  • All students are bound by the ALO Cultural Foundation Good Citizenship Code of Conduct. Upon award of scholarship funds, students will be required to agree to and uphold all terms of the Code of Conduct. Violation of terms or unwarranted misconduct could result in termination of existing and/or future scholarship awards.
  • All students may supplement their ACF scholarships by applying for federal and state financial assistance, or accepting sponsored funding, grants, or scholarships from other local organizations at any time in combination with their scholarship enrollment award from the ALO Cultural Foundation.

Application Procedures:

  • Complete and submit the ALO Cultural Foundation Scholarship Form.
  •  Complete the social form page of the application. Download Form.
  • Achieve formal admission status with an accredited University or College.
  • Submit your current verified school transcript(s).
  • Send your verification(s) and forms to the Public Affairs Office by emailing all relevant attachments to, or mailing all documents directly to ALO Cultural Foundation, 19365 Business Center Drive, Suite 4, Northridge, CA 91324

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Changing the future of aspiring entrepreneurs with the building blocks of quality higher education

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