To aid the victims of the Beirut Seaport Explosion

The ALO Cultural Foundation has already provided $146,350 in humanitarian support—from medicine to meals to physical therapy— needed in the aftermath of the Beirut Seaport Explosion on August 4, 2020. It’s more than three years later and conditions have worsened to catastrophic levels. Today, over seventy-five per cent of the country now lives in poverty with little hope to put even basic, regular meals on the table. Our work has just begun. Our goal is to raise another $150,000 to continue providing relief to the region.

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Watch videos from the explosion that happened in Beirut

The magnitude of the Beirut Seaport Explosion damages was nothing short of devastating. The Paris of the Middle East lays wounded again. Over two hundred souls were lost and more than 7,000 people were injured. The aftermath plunged the Lebanese economy into ruins with thousands of displaced families living as refugees. Virtually every family struggle to survive without work and provide basic necessities.

Every donation will help.

We are calling on all of our friends of the Middle East, our colleagues, and the Lebanese people living in the diaspora to support this crucial initiative.

From the beginning, our team has been on the ground delivering food and medical relief. We have extended our emergency response efforts with 100% of the monies raised reaching the ground.

UPDATE: Disaster Relief Fund

More than 75% of Lebanese are living in poverty today. After the devastating Port of Beirut Explosion, the ALO Cultural Foundation launched the “Empowering Hope – Zero Hunger Initiative”. This important program supports vulnerable communities that were impacted by the disaster and aids in the ongoing emergency relief as families suffer from massive inflation, high rate of unemployment, and the absence of necessities of life. As we embark on our fourth year of in-country support, our generous donors and contributor angels raised $146,350 to deliver emergency relief to underserved Lebanese communities. Keeping to our promise, every penny raised makes its way to help these vulnerable families.


  • 1,250,000 meals were provided to underserved communities.
  • Delivered supplies and food boxes to impoverished elderly, physically challenged, and single-parent families—more than 6200 families served thus far.
  • Provided support for emergency medication on the ground.
  • Assisted in delivering medication to 112 children with cancer.
  • 924 ALO Care Cards have been distributed to alleviate hunger. Syrian Refugees were among the beneficiaries receiving help as they await support from the United Nations.
  • Provided physical therapy, operations, and hospitalization to nearly 450 patients.

The number of families seeking support is climbing as the situation deteriorates. There seems to be no limit to the emotional healing and care needed to meet the needs of children. This is a desperate time requiring urgent measures.

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The ALO Cultural Foundation is forever grateful to all of our angel donors whose contributions alleviate the enormous financial burden placed on the Lebanese who are adversely impacted by the economic implosion and recent catastrophic events.

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