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ALO Care Program

Improving the quality-of-care and supporting low-income families in times of crisis.

Alleviating hunger and enabling quality healthcare access are the pillars on which the ALO Cultural Foundation was built to stand upon. Take a minute to imagine not being able to hear the sounds of your loved ones laughing, the sounds of birds singing outside, and the other beautiful sounds that many of us take for granted every day. The pilot initiative of the ALO Care Program was first launched in 2012 in Lebanon, and was a hearing aids mission in which these essential devices were sourced and distributed to individuals in need. The smiles and joy on the faces of hearing-impaired individuals as they heard the voices of family and friends for the first time fueled our mission forward, and we constantly strive to improve basic healthcare quality, provide access to life-saving treatments and technology, and distribute devices that can enhance the quality of life for those who struggle with impairments, disabilities, and chronic pain or illness.

To date, more than 1000 families have received our ALO Care Benefit Card, which allows patients to receive medical attention, follow-up, and rehabilitation for a period of one year with the support of local partners and rehabilitation centers. The program not only supports urgent care in emergency situations, but also provides for follow-up assistance, routine preventative treatment, and education about medical symptoms, chronic conditions, or illnesses which may disproportionately affect underserved cultural populations. With the ALO Care Program, we seek to address the immediate needs of each patient, as well as build a solid foundation for long-term health and vitality.

The underprivileged, at-need children of the world now have access to a more promising future through our ALO Care Benefit Program. We are committed to delivering quality long-term health care, social and emotional empowerment, and therapy to physically challenged children, despite the deterrents of poverty, illiteracy, and neglect.

Through our network of compassionate doctors and culturally competent hospitals, we support families with financial assistance to cover hospital fees, doctor visits, routine and diagnostic lab work, and life-changing therapies for qualified applicants.

We also spearhead medical missions to and from the United States, which focus on R & D and medical interventions for hearing restoration and life-threating conditions caused by genetic disorders, sickle-cell disease, thalassemia, cancer, and other rare afflictions to which underserved populations are particularly susceptible. Our efforts may also be able to support the resolution of environmentally induced conditions, such as respiratory illnesses or inadequate childhood vaccination programs, by bringing life-saving technology, medicine, or treatments from developed countries to at-risk populations.

To see if your region and/or potential recipient is eligible, please complete the downloadable care form.

Once approved, applicants will receive an ALO Care Benefit Card to access benefits such as food assistance, medications, and medical care for an allotted amount specified on the card, which can then be redeemed at a certain partner’s location. Card is not transferable.

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ALO Care Program

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