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METHAL (Role Model) Program

Educate, Empower and Enrich the quality of life of exceptional and underserved youth globally.

METHAL stands for: Mentorship, Education, Training, Healing, Achievement and Leadership.

Our coalition of specialists, professionals, and leaders has been specially selected to support the development of entrepreneurs and sustainable living programs that address the needs of orphans and impoverished young adults. With no positive role models to aspire to, children and young adults often end up struggling to find their place in the world, and may fall victim to poor academic performance, behavioral struggles, and mental health issues that can lead to lifelong consequences. With early social support, relevant training, and intervention from quality mentors and adult role models, the narrative can be changed to one of social connection, confidence, and encouragement that will stay with these young individuals for a lifetime. The coalition initiates progressive educational, mentoring, and leadership programs to empower and prepare young adults at all levels of their academic years, which embodies the very essence and meaning of “METHAL”. This program focuses on strengthening their natural capabilities, developing their areas of weakness, and enhancing their opportunities for career development within their communities.

The coalition has grown immensely from the pilot programs that the Foundation first instituted in impoverished regions of Egypt and Lebanon. The ongoing METHAL programs include:

  • Language and skills development
  • Mentorship and training
  • Mental health assessment and self-esteem building
  • Social Activities
  • Scholarships
  • Grant

METHAL seeks to inspire independence, creativity, and self-worth, especially for women who have historically had to fight to be treated as equals, and still face many gender-based challenges to this day. We strive to embrace diversity, celebrate our differences, create an environment of inclusion and equity, all while imparting essential skills and knowledge to disadvantaged young adults who possess drive, determination, and a vision to succeed. The overall goal of our METHAL initiative is to facilitate sustainable living and promote income parity by representing the Foundation’s mantra: Educate. Empower. Enlighten.

Program recipients gain essential life and business skills, along with a renewed sense of independence that allows them to reach personal goals, facilitate and sustain meaningful relationships, and achieve entrepreneurial success driven by the tools needed for sustainable living. This program includes a number of purposeful offerings that are designed to evolve as modern needs change, including workshops, professional development seminars, and opportunities to start and grow a career path.

For further information on this program and its qualification requirements, contact us at

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METHAL (Role Model) Program

Educate, Empower and Enrich the quality of life of exceptional and underserved youth globally.

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