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Sustainable Living

Women achieving value and empowerment

Women achieving value and empowerment

The Foundation fosters partnerships with entities and organizations in the Middle East and surrounding nations. The ALO Cultural Foundation actively seeks to develop highly attractive products created in the Middle East, such as crafts and textiles, and then introduce them into the American market. Such products often solely rely on the tourist market in those countries. By accessing deeper North American pockets, the creators of these products can augment their limited household incomes. These products must be supported through job creation, microfinance that sustains entrepreneurs, skill development and in general, removing barriers to economic livelihood.

We envision North American corporations which would promote and sell these products to Western consumers, while investing in the talents of the underserved in other countries. Currently, we have several products in development.

Overall, our goal is to invest in local talent, growing the future of sustainable manufacturing along with jobs and income that investment brings.

There is a long and valued history of craftsmanship among people in developing countries. Centuries of skill and tradition have long been centered in villages and in the very hands of those who tend the land and their culture.

Craft initiatives for Women

ALO Foundation’s Sustainability program has partnered with Wild Jordan to provide job opportunities for women in the Dibeen Forest Reserve in Jordan. By targeting these women, we believe they gain greater influence to shape the economic and social future of their communities.

The partnership has launched handmade ceramics and embroidery workshops in Dibeen, as well as the creation of eight permanent jobs and 14 part-time home-based jobs for women.

The Foundation’s Sustainability program desires to expand the program to other areas to create store fronts and apartments for women. This, paired with job training in such skills as handicrafts and graphic design, can help many girls transition from orphanages to young adulthood.

Our Programs

Forever Wish

Fulfilling dreams of young adults in underserved communities

Zero Hunger Initiative-Empowering Hope

Disaster Relief Funds

METHAL (Role Model) Program

Educate, Empower and Enrich the quality of life of exceptional and underserved youth globally.

Humanitarian & Cultural Missions

Fostering understanding and celebrating humanity


Changing the future of aspiring entrepreneurs with the building blocks of quality higher education

The Wave Initiative

Women achieving value and empowerment

Sisterhood Worldwide

Transforming the lives and spirit of young women

ALO Care Program

Improving the quality of care and supporting low-income families in times of crisis

ALO-Diversity Symposiums

The Foundation continues its march toward cultural unity and meaningful connection by hosting a series of discussions designed to bring diverse cultures and communities closer than ever with shared understanding, compassion, and empathy.

ALO-ART Exhibition

When art is conveyed through the eyes of a child, they are able to capture innocence, creativity, and emotional expressions that are not often present in adult works of art.